Port Sunlight Race Report

Welcome to the Village…

There was a big splash of orange on Sunday 16th June, with a large contingent of the Road Runners supporting or taking part in the BTR Port Sunlight 5k or 10k, and with some completing both races! (Not to mention those also involved in the kids’ 1k…)

BTR team gathering

About the Event

The Port Sunlight Races take place wholly within the confines of Port Sunlight village. Although this makes for a number of twists and turns, it also means no other road closures, a great race for spectators, and the village residents turn out in force to watch!

For those who don’t know, Port Sunlight is one of the ‘model villages’ founded by those few Victorian industrialists who were of a more philanthropic and kindly towards their workers – in this case, Lord Lever of Sunlight Soap fame. And certainly the environment feels more like a country village – houses stepped back from the road along tree-lined avenues, twisting paths beneath the trees – and with not too much in the way of hills, a great place for a race! Unilever continue their association with the village, and are one of the main sponsors of the BTR race.

Map of the course

But I digress; let’s get back to the running. The 5k forms one lap of the village, the 10k two laps. After a week of Summery British weather (yep, it had been cold, wet [very] and windy), race day conditions dawned almost perfect, and the race start near the Lady Lever Art Gallery took on the appearance and atmosphere of a village fete. Here a huge thanks from BTR team mates to James Roberts who – not running – arrived early and set up and manned a club tent throughout. Thanks also to Liz Leay, ably helping out and managing the finishing funnel, and Dave Moore, helping out on lead bike duties.

The 5k race started at 10am, the 10k at 11am, with the kids’ race about half 12. The sun chose to emerge just at the start of each of the main races, suddenly elevating the temperature, but let’s not complain…

Jimmy and the gang at base camp

For those who need to know a bit more about the course, after a wide corner at the start there’s a long flat run down to the south end of the village, with only a few ‘wiggles’ before a slight rise up near to the Port Sunlight factory. Then with a few more ‘wiggles’ its a long straight out and back, passing 2k – dead flat, ideal for a great pace and cheering on others going in the opposite direction. Another few turns and a long flat straight takes you back to the heart of the village and past hordes of spectators at 3k. Then it’s up and down the small rise at the north end of the village to 4k. A last few ‘wiggles’, then it’s downhill, through a shaded wooded area (very welcome on a sunny [or wet] race day!), one last corner past the village school… And there’s the finish line. (Unless you’re doing the 10k. In which case, grab some water and go for another lap. Go on, get a shift on!)


Great performances by the Road Runners across all races.

Abs with flying feet

Top three club finishers in the 5k were David Bridge (18:45), Dave Ward, (19:30) and Josh John (20:37), with Sarah Rogan and Jane Dasgupta on a tie for the first BTR lady home (24:56), with Lyndsay Beal rounding up the top 3 (27:38), and Abigail Berry gaining a 5k pb of 30:43.

Top three club finishers in the 10k were Dave Ward (43:32), Abir Ali (44:58) and Jonty Goodchild (47:13). Sarah Cronin was the first lady home for the club (50:52), followed by Sam Owen (51:12) and Jane Dasgupta (52:24, this time tying with Helen Parton).

Special mention for Tom, for completing both the 10k and 1k.

Detailed times below:

5k Times

First Name Surname Category Chip Time Chip Position
David Bridge M40+ 00:18:45 9
Dave Ward M55+ 00:19:30 20
Josh John MOPEN 00:20:38 32
Abir Ali M40+ 00:21:54 58
Ian Raymond M45+ 00:22:29 67
Anthony Percival MOPEN 00:24:56 118
Sarah Rogan F40+ 00:24:56 119
Jane Dasgupta F50+ 00:24:56 120
Neil Millar M45+ 00:27:09 186
Greg Roberts M40+ 00:27:10 188
Remo Morgani M55+ 00:27:37 205
Lyndsay Beal F40+ 00:27:38 206
David Berry M55+ 00:30:42 329
Abigail Berry FOPEN 00:30:43 331
Erica Dillon F40+ 00:33:47 453

10k Times

First Name Surname Category Chip Time Chip Position
Dave* Ward M55+ 00:43:32 71
Abir* Ali M40+ 00:44:58 109
Jonty Goodchild M45+ 00:47:13 187
Mark Stocker M40+ 00:47:45 208
Sean Devlin MOPEN 00:48:08 222
Neil* Millar M45+ 00:48:14 227
Greg* Roberts M40+ 00:49:13 273
Sarah Cronin F45+ 00:50:52 335
John Cronin M50+ 00:50:52 337
Sam Owen FOPEN 00:51:12 348
Anthony* Percival MOPEN 00:51:08 345
Jane* Dasgupta F50+ 00:52:24 392
Helen Parton F55+ 00:52:24 393
Ticki Hardie F45+ 00:53:16 432
Tom Stocker MOPEN 00:54:41 499
Sarah* Rogan F40+ 00:53:58 466
Remo* Morgani M55+ 00:55:29 534
Lyndsay* Beal F40+ 00:56:31 571
Diane Goldston F55+ 00:58:23 649
Erica* Dillon F40+ 01:05:52 913
Abigail* Berry FOPEN 01:10:28 1025
David* Berry M55+ 01:10:29 1026

Those marked with a star did both races!

3k down, only 7k to do!

Well done everyone, and especially those ‘doing the double’.

By Ian Raymond, 17/06/19