Spring 10k Race Report

BTR Road Runners at the Spring 10k

Sunday 5th May: Luckily this was a 10 a.m. start (phew, considering many of BTR had been to Rocky Horror at the Liverpool Empire the night before)! The day started off wet and cold. We all met by ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’ (one of Liverpool’s cathedrals for those not in the know) with over 4,000 other keen runners who didn’t want to have a lie in on a Sunday morning either.

BTR Road Runners at the Spring 10k – not sure why Dave looks upset!

The Spring 10k is organised by Matthew Davies of Mersey Races. Previously a route within Sefton Park, it’s now changed. The Spring 10k route took us up Hope Street, down Princess Avenue and into Sefton Park. Then it was around the park, before turning back into Princess Ave, and back along to the finish line where we got our well-earned t-shirts, tins of tuna (!) and very heavy solid gold medals. [Editor: Well, it certainly looks like solid gold…] The race route was busy the whole way around, and it didn’t ease off in this popular event. You couldn’t help but notice the many people running to raise money for charities.

A busy race!

There were a couple of team BTR PBs achieved on this day: for Lyndsay, Kirsten, Khal (knocking off 50 seconds), and Abi (knocking off 5 minutes from previous 10k). [Editor: Wow!] A big thank you goes out to Dave Berry for pacing Abi & Khal for their PBs.

Dave Berry, champion pacer

BTR Race Results

  • 1st Dave Bridge (41:34)
  • 2nd Neil Cameron (42:00)
  • 3rd Neil Kelly (48:59)
  • 4th Abir Ali (48:52)
  • 5th Kirsten Blood (52:46)
  • 6th Dave Ward (51:29)
  • 7th Anthony Percival (51:55)
  • 8th Sandra Freeman (54:27)
  • 9th Jane Dasgupta (54:27) [Editor: was that a photo finish?]
  • 10th Lyndsay Beal (57:22)
  • 11th Khaleda Yasmeen (1:04:08)
  • 12th Abi Berry (1:05:10)
  • 13th Dave Berry (1:05:10) [Editor: another photo finish!]

All times shown above are chip times


Apparently… someone called Rachel wasn’t too happy about us running around the city and it all coming to a standstill when she had work to go to. [Editor: if you’re on social media you can’t have missed this. If you did, well…] Her 20 minute journey took more than 75 minutes because ‘Dave from Skem’ was limbering up with his sweatband on Rodney Street, rather than running along the prom watching the boats!

Her video went viral in the running community – though she has since apologised if she offended anyone. She is also going to open a race… and I hope everyone in it is called Dave. And from Skem!

Report by Abigail Berry