An ode to the BTR Road Runners

Not only are we runners, hidden talent lurks within our club! This little creation by one of our team, so read on…


Thinking of joining?
“If it ain’t fun, we don’t run”

So you’ve clicked on our website
You’re checking us out.
BTR Runners
“What’s that all about?”

Read on fellow runners, I’ll tell you some more
But if you have any questions, we’ve an open door…

Tuesdays and Thursdays – it’s a great sight to behold
Market Street Hoylake, awash with runners all bold.
A sea of orange vests sets out at a pace
Minds focused on training for the very next race.

But don’t be mistaken, don’t think ‘I’m too slow’
The pace is for everyone, so give it a go.
The running’s important but hell, so’s the cake
We all enjoy racing but we also love to bake!

For leisure, for chatting, for serious training
If you join BTR runners, there’ll be no complaining.
Just really great people with one common passion
To support one another, in the best possible fashion.

5km, 10km, a half marathon or a whole
Our amazing team will help you to reach your goal.
Or if you’re simply running for leisure
Guaranteed that with us, it’s always a pleasure.

(c) BTR Road Runner Fiona Duckers
Think you have a similar artistic creation you want to share? Let us know! (But you have to come along and join us to get the email address to send it to…!)
 Road Runners at the end of the Wirral Half Marathon