February Update

by james roberts

Here it is at last, the February update. Sorry for the delay but with having such a hectic work schedule and social life style ( yeah right ) I just didn’t have the time (or inclination) to do it. As they say though, everything comes to he or she that waits.

February brought with it not only the shortest month but some of the coldest weather for a long time. In fact, it was that cold, I’m sure I saw a brass monkey🐵 looking for a welder. Nevertheless, the Club members continued to turn and pound the streets of Hoylake and West Kirby before stuffing copious amounts of cake into their mouths at The Ship Inn.

The mileage for the month of February was 41 miles up on last month on 789.82 with the current total for the year at 1,538.51. As before this does not include individual miles, only those ran on Club nights. Nobody managed to run all the Club nights in Feb, oh wait a minute, they did, ME. As I’ve said before, no life.


Mad Dog 10k. 03 Feb 18

Racing got underway for a lot of the Club on 3rd Feb at Southport with the Mad Dog 10k. A cold, crisp and in places icy morning welcomed us at the car park at the prom in Southport. After making our way to the start area via the busses that were laid on, we were able to collect the goodie bags and t shirts beforehand. It crossed a few people’s mind to just get back on the bus and head back home but no we stayed and an excellent performance from the ladies ensued.

The weather had improved slightly by the time the race got underway and it was very good race conditions all the way along the Prom. Past Batala Mersey, the Samba Drum Band, a regular sight at most races now but I do wish they would play a tune we know and could singalong too. Awful Elvis serenaded us with Blue Suede Shoes and other tunes just by the Pier and Fairground, (what’s left of it). On to the top road and the water stop with another young lady soulfully singing along with her guitar, ( the guitar wasn’t singing before you start) then back down to the Prom and Batala Mersey again. A long straight road back up to the finish and then a final straight to the timing mat. Didn’t realize how long this last bit was and was beginning to regret, sprinting from the corner of the road. All in all it was a good race and PBs were achieved by Wendy Jones, Sarah Rogan,, Audrey Stocker, Sandra Freeman, Jane Dasgupta, Emma Holmes. The following were also rans Elaine Charles, Helen Parton, Me, Dave Ward, Dave and Jane Berry, Dave Moore, Ian Body, John Evans. Mr Dave Freeman was honorary BTR for the day. It was then off to the pub for a hard earned lemonade.

Torremolinos Half Marathon. 03 Feb 18

Sorry don’t really know much about this one except that Alan Rothwell and Dawn and Martin Hunt were the clubs representatives here and that the weather was colder here than it was at Southport. A proper race report will follow next year as this has been singled out as a BTR RR away day, or may be a bit longer. Yeah man, bring it on.

Blackpool Half Marathon. 18 Feb 18

Again not much known about this, except it’s in Blackpool and its a half marathon race. If someone would like write it up, please do. Big well done though to Danny Mc and the Hunt clan, Dawn, Martin and Ollie for completing this.

Erica’s Woodland Womble. 18 Feb 18

I would like to pass the part over to Erica to write as I don’t think I could it justice. Only to say. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Big thanks to all who ran and all who came and supported and helped out. Well done all

Rhyl 10 Mile. 24 Feb 18

This race, I have done albeit 2 years ago but I don’t think the course has changed one iota. It’s a straight 5 miles out, turn around and 5 miles straight back along the Prom. The wind will be with you one way or the other. This can lead to a false sense of PBness if the wind is behind you on the way out. This however, did not stop Dave Moore, who took over 20mins from his time last year and Erica “Liver Bird” Dillon who smashed her previous 10 mile best. Looking strong for the VLM Missus. Alan R and Gaz R also participated in this Marmite Race.

Village Bakery Half Wrexham. 25 Feb 18

Again not a race I took part in, I really think last years Wrexham 20 miler has put me off this neck of the woods for a long time. However the weather was kind to our group of runners and some of them excelled themselves on the streets of this Welsh town. Was it the atmosphere that drove them on, was it the beautiful countryside that pushed them to the limits or was the lure of a fast flat course enticing them to achieve a PB. No, it was a bloody packet of CRUMPETS in the goodie bag, I mean I ask you. Sarah R did say they were lovely though.

This race was attended by Dawn, Martin and Ollie ( again), Abir Ali, Kat Whitton and Sarah Rogan, who may just have blown her chance of a PB medal at the Liverpool Half in March by achieving a Personal Best in this race. Dawn actually missed the start of the race as she was in the toilet queue. Or didn’t you want anyone to know that.

Harewood House Half. 25 Feb 18

Audrey Stocker was the sole participant on this as she says, Beautiful, well organized friendly and no queues for the toilet race. A hard race with a few hills, one that subdued her to walking pace. So it’s back next year for Audres, as she has unfinished business and I don’t mean at the toilets. 😱😱😱

Stroke Association 5/10/15k. 25 Feb 18

This series of races took place at Croxteth Pk for the Stroke Association. A fairly small affair with a total of about 250 runners for all 3 events. Staggered start times saw the 15k runners go first followed 5 mins later by the 10k runners then 5 mins after, the 5k runners set off. The course took in the Croxteth Pk 5 k Parkrun and you went around, once, twice or three times depending on distance. It was bitterly cold at the start but had warmed a bit by the time the race began. I ran the 10k route with Anthony my future son in law, while Pol ran the 5k route with Millie. The course was a mix of tarmac with long stretches of hard flat trail routes. The Goodie bag at the end was bottle of water but you did get a Tech T shirt and a medal all for £16. The smile on Pols face at the end of it was worth every penny.


Please continue to support the local Parkrun event at Birkenhead Park and if you’ve never done one try it, you won’t like it, you’ll love it. Alan R has planted the seed for a Parkrun takeover to try and improve recruitment. Further details to follow .



At the time of writing this, some birthdays have passed. Nevertheless we all hope you had a fantastic day. Some of you still owe cakes.

  • Ian Raymond.
  • Erica Dillon. THE BIG 40, in case anyone missed it.
  • Martin Hunt.
  • John Evans.
  • Andrea Robinson.

All the very best to you all.


Now standing at 52. There are a lot of people on the Facebook page that would dearly love to be a BTR RR member. Come on down, we don’t bite. Only cake, we do bite cake.

A new runner with the Club is Andrea’s partner and future Husband, Daniel Morgan. Many congratulations to you both.

Congratulations also go to Kat and her partner Tom, also on their engagement. We all wish you every happiness together.

Sorry if I have missed off runners to races or events. Please let me know and I will amend.

James Roberts